Tires Kumho Solus TA31

Kumho Solus TA31 summer tires for middle-class passenger cars have been produced since 2014 by the Korean company Kumho. In recent years, production volumes have increased significantly due to the investment of significant financial resources in new equipment. Innovative technological solutions when creating models of the Solus line provide high safety performance on different road surfaces, excellent maneuverability, low rolling resistance and high wear resistance. All rubber of this family is presented in a large assortment of sizes.

Characteristics of the Kumho Solus TA31 tire:
  • high mileage;
  • summer-oriented touring tires
  • driving and acoustic comfort;
  • high-quality tire grip in any weather;
  • reduced braking distance;
  • new generation tires;
  • fuel economy;
  • treadwear indicator - 500 on all sizes;
  • wet performance - “A” according to DOT;
  • indicator of rolling resistance - “A”, according to DOT;
  • tread depth - 10mm.
A tire tread with optimally placed blocks of increased rigidity guarantees excellent driving performance and less noise. The running part consists of three ribs with slots along the edges and abundantly covered with lamellas. This made it possible to improve the speed of the steering response and the stability of the car during high-speed movement in any season. The shoulder zones of the tire form large blocks with arched lamellas, providing maneuvering without lateral drifts, as well as braking performance. For the grip on wet, snowy roads and in icy conditions, new rubber, volumetric drainage trenches and grooves in the tread elements are responsible. Water and snow sludge are instantly removed from the contact spot, which ensures high resistance to aquaplaning and gliding.

The multigrade-summer compound is supplemented with adhesive additives and innovative components, due to which the operational properties of the outer tread layer are improved. Kumho Solus TA31 rubber maximally resists wear, punctures, and can be used in a wide temperature range from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Tires Kumho Solus TA31 well tolerate loads and demonstrate excellent performance. The sealing layer ensures reliable operation, a steel frame and a breaker soften impacts on the surface of the roadway. Sturdy side rings guarantee a secure fit and smooth ride.

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Find out which car colors are most valued

When we decide to buy a car, we soon think of finding a perfect model that is worth what we can afford. We also want it to perform well on the road, be economical and beautiful in design. However, in addition to these characteristics, we also need to think about color. Yes, in color. Superfluous as it may seem, there are car colors more prized than others. This is an important point.

See what are the most valued car colors in Brazil

Neutral colors

Cars with more neutral colors such as gray, silver, black and white are the best selling in Brazil. Because they are easier to find on the market, they make maintenance cheaper and simpler.

Know the advantage of each of the most valued car colors

One of the advantages is that having a car with a color that is easy to maintain does not require a special type of wash. The simple wash already leaves the car shining again.

Another benefit is that dust is not evident when it is dirty. However scratches and scratches are more visible in this tone.

It is one of the wildcard colors. Not only is the dust not evident, scratches and scratches are also discrete in the car bodywork. On the other hand, this hue can increase the value of the car purchase. However, long term benefits should be taken into account.

Black is a color that pleases many consumers, men, women, young or older. So it is one of the most valued car colors. On the other hand, there is disadvantage for those who own a car in this tone. Black easily gets dust evident and scratches on bodywork as well. This will require the owner's regular washings and some types of polishing to make them shiny.

It is a shade with the same advantages as silver, but with less brightness. This makes it a good choice for those who don't want basic white but still want a more neutral color.

Strong colors
The most intense colors are those with the least demand in the automotive market. However, they  are the ones that most express the personality of the owner, especially those who  choose more sporty models.

Among the most vibrant colors, red is one that has been gaining popularity among young people and especially women consumers . Among the most vivid tones, red is more valued than blue or green for example.

Other shades such as blue, green, orange and yellow are very striking colors and do not attract buyers.

Therefore, you need to consider which car colors are most valued, see which ones you like best and see if it really is the best option to avoid further damage in the future. Also understand how car wrapping works .